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 2015 Expos 19u Team 
Manager - Brad Hanson 
Pitching Coach - James Tell 
Thirdbase Coach - Patrick Ferrell 
Firstbase Coach - Patrick Eiser 
Bench Coach - Al Alba 
Players listed oldest to youngest 
Garrett Wiess 
David Gustafson 
Gio Torres 
Payton Tyler 
Michael Brown 
Miko Faulstich 
Jake Hedrick 
Austin Fitzpatrick 
Joey Skinner 
Troy Nixon 
Paul Campise 
Jacob Booker 
Anthony Arias 
Justin Lee 
Chris Parodi 
Garlind Webster 
Richard Lindsey 
Anthony Kaleczyc 
Jake Brandt 
J.P. San Antonio 
Jack Gamba 
Jason Brasile 
TC-Legion 17u Team 
Manager - Patrick Ferrell 
Head Coach - Mike Dozler 
Coach - Kenny Shook 
Pitching Coach - Jack Canavesio 
Players listed oldest to youngest 
Howie Tomson 
Chris Bruner 
David Hostler 
Hayden Del Dotto 
Nathan Minster 
Gustavo Vindas 
John Jordan 
Matthew Lanza 
Robert Hutting 
Andruw Shaw 
Clayton Espino 
Will Baker 
Anthony Canavesio 
Carter Bins 
2013 Rams 15u Team 
Manager - Tom Siegel 
Head Coach - Tony Mattice 
Coach - Danny Webb 
Coach - Mike Erwin 
Players listed oldest to youngest 
Braden Remington 
Cameron Remington 
Demario Gake 
Skyler Ataide 
Lavonte Howard 
Nico Mattice 
Justin Banks 
Hunter Nelson 
Corey Webb 
Brett Erwin 
Brendan Erwin 
Bobby Meadows 
Jake Alspaw 
Tyler Mattice 

2013 Lions 15u Team 
Manager - Mo Terrell 
Head Coach - Mario Palacios 
Pitching Coach - Ed Gibbons 
Players listed oldest to youngest 
Steve Arias 
Drake Delorefice 
Emilio Gutierrez 
Alex Niccoli 
Fred Seto III  
Patrick Appel 
Vic Neville III 
Andrew Johnston 
Miguel San Antonio 
Andreyes Palacios 
Anthony Vogliano 
Jo Jo Terrell 
Anthony Goni 

2013 Tigers 13u Team 
Manager - Casey Towner 
Head Coach - Brian Wilson 
Coach - Dave Spencer 
Coach - Ray Canavesio 
Players listed oldest to youngest 
Riley Smith 
Raymond Wenger Jr. 
Moses Lara 
Julian Borja 
Emilio Cordova 
Isaiah Verrett 
Duke Delorefice 
Matthew Baker 
Surya Chaudhary 
Cory Coleman 
Matthew Erickson 
Gaige Spencer 
Guest Players for Tigers 
Nolan Elledge 
Adam Lucero 
Haden Borges 
R.J. Huddleston 
2013 (CVAL) 
Central Valley Athletic League 
Junior High School Division 
February 4 thru May 19 
Listed from oldest to youngest 

 2013 FEBA-Cobras 
Patrick Ferrell - Manager 
Al Alba - Coach 
Ed Gibbons - Coach 

Griffin Gibbons 
Dawson Del Dotto 
Andrew Johnston 
Miguel San Antonio 
James Fox 
Brendan Erwin 
Brett Erwin 
Bobby Meadows 
Jake Alspaw 
Blake Jacques 
Adam Lucero 
Matthew Baker 
Surya Chaudhary 
Matthew Erickson 
Ty Moak 

2013 FEBA-Eagles 
Mo Terrell - Manager 
Tony Mattice - Coach 
Dave Spencer - Coach 

Fred Seto Jr. 
Jo Jo Terrell 
Anthony Goni 
Ramon Garcia 
Riley Smith 
Braydin Sones 
Raymond Wenger Jr. 
Tyler Mattice 
Julian Borja 
Emilio Cordova 
Isaiah Verrett 
Nicholas Rodriguez 
Nathan Hefner 
Gaige Spencer 

Laurel Creek Park - 1050 Cement Hill Road - Fairfield, CA
Welcome to FEBA
 "The Best Youth Baseball Program in the Country"
   We build baseball programs, we build baseball stadiums, we build winning traditions, but most importantly we build character, and create memories for a lifetime.
     We accept the fact that not all players have the determination, or fortitude, to succeed in our structured, and disciplined system, but for those who do, we will help them become the best they can be.
     We provide premier facilities, top coaching, firm discipline and strong structure, which allows us to develop talent, rather than recruiting it. Anyone can go start a baseball team and many do, but few can build a baseball program that weathers the test of time. The FEBA organization has been around since 1983.
     This is what separates FEBA from most other baseball programs. People who have a baseball team are generally about a single player, or a hidden agenda, FEBA is all about the kids, all of them, all of the time!
     This is why FEBA is recognized nationally as one of the best and this is why FEBA attracts the best!
Team Dinner for the 2012 California American Legion 19u State Champions
Standing (left to right): Troy Nixon, Wyatt McCampbell, Anthony Arias, Edgar Ibarra, Chris Parodi, Kyle Wagner, Nick Spini, Jake Novelli, Brian Wilson, Garlind Webster, Jacob Booker, Logan Lanza and Casey Towner.
Seated (left to right): Payton Tyler, Jack Gamba, Jake Hedrick, (insert-Garrett Wiess), Gio Torres and Michael Brown.




2012 California State Champions

"Proud to add more to their storied history!"
The Expos won their 17th District Championship on July 14, 2012
The Expos won their 9th Area 1 Championship on July 22, 2012
The Expos won their 4th State Championship on July 31, 2012
The Expos played in their 7th Regional Tournament and finished 2nd.
In the 7 Regionals they have finished 1st twice and 2nd five times.
The Expos finished 9th out of over 5000 teams in the U.S. in 2012.
This marked the 7th time the Expos finished in the top 16 teams nationally.
The Expos were 6 outs away from their 3rd World Series appearance.
The Expos have now won 75 Tournament Championships in their storied history.
Most teams don't even play in 75 tournaments, let alone win that many!
The Expos were named the DR "2012 Sports Team of the Year."
The Expos 17-inning win in the State Finals was named the DR "2012 Game of the Year."
"It is no wonder the Expos are recognized nationally as one of the best ever!"

FEBA seeks players of high moral fiber, sound character, with solid ethical values. FEBA believes that to win at the highest levels, and develop to one's highest potential, players must be able to adapt to the following:
1) Structure, 2) Teamwork, 3) Discipline, 4) Work ethic, and 5) Dedication

Self sacrifice is an important part of life, whether it's a marriage, a career, community spirit, or simply socially dealing with people in general.
The values taught by FEBA transcend baseball and become strong life lessons,
which is why FEBA is truly
"The Best of the Best"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

View highlights from three recent American Legion World Series at the link at bottom of this page.

 Click on the above link and enter Customer ID 41636DA87E and select the game you want to watch!

Fairfield Expos Notes
2014 roster will be announced this week.
 The Expos are getting ready to go in 2014!
Fairfield TC Notes
The TC-Legion team is getting ready for 2014.
There will be coaching changes for TC-Legion
Tryouts Sunday October 6 at 2:00pm
Here the Region 8 State Champions honor Charlie for his support of the kids. Charlie threw out the first pitch for the 2011 American Legion Region 8 Tournament
Proud of our country, proud of American Legion, proud of FEBA
Supporting high school baseball at the stadium FEBA built. Above, Rodriguez High School competes versus Vanden High School during the FEBA sponsored "Spring Smash" for eight local high school teams in 2011. FEBA not only sponsored this great high school event, but also sponsored Armijo High School playing all their 2011 home games at Yarbrough Field in Laurel Creek Park.

Another huge success . . . Completed
Western Regional Tournament 2011 & 2012

American Legion Region 8


Featuring State Champions from: 

Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Utah,

New Mexico & Colorado


VIEW HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 2009, 2010 & 2011


American Legion World Series Highlights

The images below are from the 2011 American Legion World Series in Shelby, NC

Have a concern? Want to volunteer? Have an idea?
Please call (707) 451-2640 or email us at ffexpos@earthlink.net

Fairfield Expos Baseball Association
Phone: 707-451-2640
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E-mail: ffexpos@earthlink.net

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